What do you mean by ‘bigot’?

‘Bigot’ is a powerful word, a term reserved for society’s most hateful and intolerant of people. People like Stalin, Fred Phelps, and Skeletor.

At least it used to be.

These days, however, it has taken on a much broader meaning to include anyone who dares to disagree with whatever zeitgeist and whim that happens to be sweeping through society. Object to same-sex marriage? Bigot. Object to abortion? Bigot. Object to euthanasia? Bigot.

Bigot! Bigot! Bigot!

So, the point of this blog is two-fold: one, to debunk the misconception that those who object to the liberal agenda do so because they are bigots. And two, to help Christians think more clearly about their faith and to make a more incisive, coherent, and gracious defence for classical Christianity in an increasingly secular Northern Ireland.