About the Bigot

OK, I’m not really a bigot. Well, at least I don’t think so. But I am from Belfast. For now, I’d like to remain anonymous, suffice to say that I’m a socially conservative Christian, of an old-earth persuasion.

I was raised in a nominally Catholic household and didn’t really give a second thought about religion or ethics until I was about 18, when, intrigued by questions of morality and meaning, I bumped into reality; something can’t come from nothing, and you cannot coherently account for the existence of objective moral laws and duties without some sort of lawgiver.

Sometime later, I discovered the writings of C.S Lewis and that’s when I began to take Christianity seriously. It turns out that Christianity is both existentially fulfilling and intellectually satisfying.

My hope for this blog is to add a moderate and evenhanded (and unashamedly bigoted) voice into the mix of ideas currently doing the rounds in our increasingly secular society.

Thanks for reading!