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No, Joe Lindsay, disagreeing with homosexuality doesn’t make you a homophobe

I stumbled across this article-cum-sermon by the BBC’s Joe Lindsay, confirming what I have suspected for a few years: the “live and let live” approach promoted by the gay lobby and its allies is a sham. What they really want, as evidenced in Lindsay’s article, is complete agreement and obedience, or you’re an enemy. All right then, enemy it is.

His article starts benignly enough – encouraging people to be fabulous and to support Gay Pride – before he throws a wobbler and starts calling everyone who disagrees with him a hate-filled homophobe. 

Ah, the reasoned voice of tolerance and acceptance.

And there’s no shortage of people like Joe Lindsay calling for tolerance and diversity. They present themselves as white knights of inclusivity and equality until, that is, you disagree with them. When that happens, you’re branded a narrow-minded Bible-basher, the hideous ideological love child of Fred Phelps and Mel Gibson. Or, as Mr Lindsay poignantly puts it: the “monumentally stupid and boring”. Indeed.

I’ve never understood the mind of the homophobe, I really don’t get it. I’ve had a few (thankfully a few) conversations with people whom you would describe as homophobes over the years, but I’ve walked away none the wiser after it.

One thing I have gleaned from it though, is that homophobia attracts the monumentally stupid and boring.

Lindsay never bothers to define what exactly he means by “homophobe,” so we can only assume he means anyone who deviates ever so slightly from the established leftist orthodoxy on gay sex. And so, in lieu of anything resembling a principled argument in favour of his position, he simply calls his opponents names.

Of course, there are many valid reasons why someone might object to, or at least be concerned about, homosexuality. Like, for instance, the gay scene’s rampant drug use, promiscuity, the sky-high risk of catching a disease, or the disproportionally high levels of violence amongst lesbians. But people like Lindsay aren’t interested in hearing those arguments, because HOMOPHOBE!

Personally, I don’t care what people do with their winkies and doots, it’s none of my business, nor is it anyone else’s, but showing support for the LGBT community is everyone’s business. Consider it a duty.

Again, he’s light on explanation here, but I’m guessing, like most people living in a civilised part of the world, he does care what people do with their winkies and doots. Even the most liberal governments care about what people do with their genitalia. Even the staunchly gay-affirming Green Party care – and they’re up for all sorts of stuff.

Also, if it’s nobody’s business what people do with their landing gear, why parade around the streets dancing and gyrating up and down poles to the sensual beats of George Michael in a bid to tell the whole world exactly what you do with your winkies and doots?

The God-fearers fail to note that, assuming the Invisible Sky Wizard exists, he/she made all of us.

Yes, he really did use the term “Invisible Sky Wizard”. It’s almost like he suddenly forgot he was writing for a professional news outlet, and instead thought he was posting on the GCSE philosophy section of an atheist youth forum. He couldn’t even muster the charity to use the word ‘God’ – even in the abstract sense – because this isn’t just a screed against people who disagree with homosexuality, but against anyone who believes in God. That veil of tolerance didn’t take long to fall off now, did it?

But he’s correct on one thing: God did make all of us, even people who do things He disapproves of (including me). But this line of argument begs the question: what about those who enjoy the types of sex Joe Lindsay disagrees with? Would it satisfy him to say that their behaviour is OK because God made them? No, of course not. It’s funny how quickly these pro-homosexual arguments dissolve when the object of desire is something they disagree with. The hate-filled incestophobes.

Hate doesn’t do that. Hate brings misery and violence and pain, all the things we don’t need. It drives us apart and keeps us apart.

The world doesn’t really work in opposites but in the case of love, it brings the opposite.

And love is even easier, but greater, than hate.

Preach it, brother! Another feature of the gay agenda is its overly simplistic, fortune cookie-understanding of love and hate. When they say “love,” they mean “whatever feels good”. When they say “hate,” they mean “whatever I disagree with”. In actual fact, they have little idea what either truly means. 

The lifespan of the average gay man is about twenty years shorter than the lifespan of the average heterosexual man. With consequences this grave, if you truly love someone, you would try and steer them away from such a lifestyle. To do otherwise would be to hate them.

So this Saturday, get out into the streets and show the love. 

Make no mistake, this is an order, not a suggestion. Being tolerant of the LGBTQIAPK community (try explaining the ‘K’ to your granny) is not good enough. You must get out there and celebrate all things gay. You must worship at the gay altar. Failure to do so will get you sent to an Equality Commission-run tolerance camp, where they’ll make you bake gay cakes and watch re-runs of Glee for days on end until you finally break and repent at their feet, begging for forgiveness.   

That said, I did attend a Gay Pride festival once, albeit because I got stuck there trying to return a faulty Dirt Devil back to Argos. While I am a fan of cheeky floats and discotheques, I don’t overly care for swathes of scantily-clad people gyrating and thrusting within close proximity of children and families. 

So, no. This Gay Pride I’ll be with all the other stupid and boring hate-filled homophobes; in church, wearing my favourite plum cardigan, worshipping an Invisible Sky Wizard until a woman brings me a nice cup of tea and a tray bake.